Cuban Painter Damien Cruz
Featured Artist for the 2011 National Hispanic
Heritage Month Celebration

Damien Cruz received the honor of being Selected by the Florida
Governor as the Featured Artist for the 2011 National Hispanic Heritage
Month Celebration in Florida.  

Damien participated in two Simultaneous exhibitions at the State Capitol
Rotunda and the Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee, Florida.


Florida Hispanic Heritage Month 2011

September 15 - October 15 "Celebrating Hispanic Leaders in Business
Past, Present, and Future"

The diversity of Florida's people and cultures truly makes our state one
of the most vibrant in our country. During Hispanic Heritage Month, we
take time to recognize how Florida's growing Hispanic population
enriches our state and strengthens Florida's cultural and economic ties
to Spain, Latin America and beyond.

As communities across Florida celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it is
my privilege to honor Hispanic entrepreneurs and business leaders
throughout our state. As with all business owners, their hard work to fulfill
their dreams of owning a business is part of what makes Florida such a
great state. I applaud today's Hispanic business leaders, as well as
those throughout Florida's history, for playing a vital role in providing
jobs for Floridians and strengthening our communities.

As Governor, I am working to make Florida a place where the American
dream of economic prosperity is possible for everyone. I am focused on
making Florida the best place for businesses to grow and expand by
eliminating unnecessary regulation, holding government accountable
and ensuring every child has the opportunity to get the best education
possible. Working together, with all of Florida's business leaders, I know
we can grow opportunities for all Floridians to prosper.

Rick Scott
Ann Scott, Damien Cruz Artist, Florida Governor
Rick Scott at the Ceremony (Governor Mansion)
"The Vilonist" Lives at the Florida Governor